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PE black masterbatch 3A02+
Place of Origin:Dongguan China (Mainland)
Model Number:PE black masterbatch 3A02+
Carbon Black:8%
Carrier:Recycled PE
Application:blowing filmfabric extruding pipesheetand injection....
Ratio of dosage:1%-5%
Technical data sheet
Model PE black masterbatch 3A02+
Appearance Pellet
Carrier Recycled PE
Carbon Black 8%
Thermal Resistance 130-250 centidegree.
MFI 23.6g/10min
Density 1638KG/m³
Moisture content(less than) 0.15%
Application General use for blowing film, fabric, extruding pipe, sheet, and injection....
Compatibility PE, PP, PS, PC, PVC, ABS, PA
Packing 25KG/bag, Paper plastic composite bag, PP bag
Addition rate 1-5%
Certification RoHS

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