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 Emphasis on environmental protection and high quality is our consistent pursuit. We introduced the precision Rohs detector, precision color measurement detector, carbon black content tester, blowing film trial test machine and moisture tester from domestic and abroad. Our certified testers are also professionally trained. We strictly test the raw material procurement before they come in factory and strictly test the products before they leave our factory through which we can ensure the “SANLI” products are of great quality.

1.Blowing film machine (to test the dispersion) 2.Injection molding machine (to test the blackness )

3.Melting flow rate apparatus (to test the melting flow index)

4.Muffle furnace (to test the filler content )

5. Laser particle size analyzer£¨to test particle size)


6. Electric blast drying oven (to test the moisture) 

7.ROHS tester (for ROHS testing)


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